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Welcome we are MFGR

Refusing to confine ourselves to the traditional rules of design, we consider ourselves one-of-a-kind, blurring the lines between being an architecture firm, design house, landscape architects and artists.

Functional art inspired by a life well-lived. This succinct phrase captures the essence of MFGR, but it also represents something much bigger – the promise we make to our customers, employees and ultimately to ourselves. We promise to fearlessly pursue creative satisfaction, whether choosing a line through the trees or welding a seam on a staircase. It’s the reason we do what we do and live where we live. This deep seeded belief informs our use of steel and wood to create stunning, functional pieces of art that are designed to be a part of everyday life. This promise holds us accountable and challenges us to create perfection; to surpass expectations through attention to smallest details and to build products that tell a story much bigger than our own.


Some Interisting Facts

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.

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