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Our Services

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Custom –

True to our design aesthetic in the problems we solve.  

No matter the challenge we never sacrifice our aesthetic, it’s the thread that remains unbroken from project to project. It represents what we believe in and to abandon that would be to abandon ourselves. As designers, we see it differently in that we don’t always see the monetary value of what we create, rather, we see the beauty in it. This principle guides us and keeps us true in all the projects we complete – we’ll find a solution and then obsess, collaborate and revise until it meets our standards of excellence.


Influenced by nature, it provides clarity and informs the designs we build.

Nature is critical to our success, that’s why we live and work where we do rather than in a design epicenter like San Francisco or New York. We’re removed from major cities with limited access to resources and fewer clients that fit our target audience and that’s the way we like it. We prefer a life-work balance, getting outside to explore this world we live in and the place we are lucky enough to call home. In everything we do there is a definitive nod to nature; we design our landscapes to blend into their surroundings rather than disrupt and we choose to live our lives by that same principle.


Progressive in thought and design, traditional in values and materials.

We use traditional materials such as wood, steel and concrete in a contemporary manner to create projects that elude categorization. We push these basic materials beyond their expected appearances and purpose, forcing people to re-imagine what they know. Metal and wood made masculine and feminine, warm and cold; this contrast captures the spirit of Montana that is present in everything we design and build.

Furniture –

Building a sense of identity and perfection in an imperfect world.

In a world of replications and rip-offs we follow no path other than our own, always searching for a way forward that hasn’t yet been explored. Our designs stand alone, they are an extension of who we are and what we believe in, they represent a lifestyle and a deep respect for the landscapes surrounding us. We dance with perfection by building the most intensely creative art, inspired by nature and executed with dedication and obsession down to the smallest details. From the choice of slab to a single stitch in leather, everything we design is functional, curated and unique.